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One UN Monitoring and Evaluation

The One UN Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) Coordination function in Resident Coordinator’s Office (RCO) aims to support the UNCT to develop structures and mechanisms for results based planning, implementation, monitoring and evaluation and reporting of ‘Delivering as One’ Process.

The strategic role of M&E capacities at RC office is to coordinate among the Thematic Working Groups (TWGs), the Administrative Agent, the Operations Management Team (OMT), The UN Country Team (UNCT) and other development partners by establishing and co-chairing the M&E Network. The major task of M&E Network is to develop an M&E system which will ensure a regular measurement of progress against intended UNDAF outcomes for enhanced Coherence, Effectiveness and Relevance (CER) under the four pillars of ‘Delivering as One’ (DaO) with specific focus on One Programme.

 As in all One UN Pilot Countries, Results Based Management principles, approaches and tools will be used in Pakistan to measure the value addition of One UN for the to improvement in the quality of life of those we serve. The basic principle for M&E for One UN is that planning, monitoring and evaluation should reflect the guiding principles of national ownership, capacity development, and human development in all results. M&E should also enable UNCT to reflect and report upon how resources are used, what results are achieved and how effective these results are in bringing about progress in human development. The M&E should be highly focused on improving UN capacity to manage for outcome-level change Read more ...


Monitoring can be defined as an ongoing process by which stakeholders obtain regular feedback on the progress being made towards achieving their goals and objectives. Monitoring is not only concerned with checking if planned activities have been completed but it should also track progress made on agreed results ( in other words if activities are contributing to results).

Evaluation is a rigorous and independent assessment of either completed or ongoing activities to determine the extent to which they are achieving stated objectives and contributing to decision making. However the aim of both monitoring and evaluation are similar: to provide information that can help inform decisions, improve performance and achieve planned results.  

 Meeting Announcements

UNCT Retreat 7-8 Decemebr 2010 at PC BhurbanUse SHIFT+ENTER to open the menu (new window).
High Level Tripartite Conference on “Delivering as One: Lessons from Country-Led Evaluations and Way Forward” 14-16 June, Hanoi, Viet NamUse SHIFT+ENTER to open the menu (new window).
M&E Network MeetingUse SHIFT+ENTER to open the menu (new window).
Concept note for proposed M&E Netwrok WorkshopUse SHIFT+ENTER to open the menu (new window).
OMT Retreat- 15 December 09Use SHIFT+ENTER to open the menu (new window).
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 One UN M&E Network

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 Docs for RBM CB Consultatnt

Presentation_Step7_Introduction to CER MnE.pptPresentation_Step7_Introduction to CER MnEYousaf Gill
Presentation-MnE selected.pptPresentation-MnE selectedYousaf Gill
Presentation-MnE Full.pptPresentation-MnE FullYousaf Gill
Presentation OMT-Final.pptPresentation OMT-FinalYousaf Gill
Presentation for UNIDO-Mission.pptPresentation for UNIDO-MissionYousaf Gill
Papua New Gunie-MnE DaO Presentation.pptPapua New Gunie-MnE DaO PresentationYousaf Gill
One Reporting  MnE DaO Workshop.pptOne Reporting MnE DaO WorkshopYousaf Gill
MnE of JPs-Ehsan.pptMnE of JPs-EhsanYousaf Gill
MnE JP Env. 2010.pptMnE JP Env. 2010Yousaf Gill
MnE JP Env. 2010-with notes.pptMnE JP Env. 2010-with notesYousaf Gill
ME Presentation for UNCT-28-Jan-2010.pptME Presentation for UNCT-28-Jan-2010Yousaf Gill
HLC presentation-2010-revised.pptHLC presentation-2010-revisedYousaf Gill
HLC ME presentation-revised.pptHLC ME presentation-revisedYousaf Gill

 One UN M & E Focal Points

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 M&E Knowledge Management

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